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Presenting the Meisters!!! Steve & Becky - Their Home - Their Cats & Daughters Sasha & Rachel!

Steve's Parents (They have both passed away) - Sandy & Phyllis Cohn & Becky's Mother, Caren, and Brother,Kyle

Presenting-The   Meisters!

Steve Cohn, aka Stevemeister, a long time friend who is as close to my heart as any son could ever be, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his dear, sweet wife, Rebecca. To know the Beckmeister is to know all the good things in life all rolled into one priceless package. Steve and Becky both work at the Cincinnati Public Library and are remodeling an older home they bought several years ago. They have two cats, Snowflake(all white) and Samhain(pictured below) and had several gerbils who have gone to the big exercise wheel in the sky. Steve's parents, Sandy and Phyllis,are both deceased. Becky's mother lives in San Francisco. They have two beautiful girls - Sasha,age 5 and Rachel, age 1. Visit them at the address below:

Steve and Becky's Homepage

Saint Beckmeister and Babies