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Joseph, Eric & Bridget & Family, Eric & Cody

Cody and JoJo!

Eric, a Man's Man; married to a saint, Saint Bridget, and has two sons, Cody(Wildman!) and Joseph (JoJo). They live in Lynden,Washington where Eric works with the Border Patrol in containing illegal immigration. He is a gentle soul who is much loved by everyone who knows him. I love no living thing more than my son Eric.

David , Laura, Sydney, Alec and Emily

David--Friend and David!

He's   ALL   that   and   MORE!

David-when I feel down and out, I think of Dave, his mischevious smile, his kind words of endearment and the world is alright again. He lives in Dayton, Ohio area, and is married to another saint, Laura, alias, LaLa. On June 10, 1999, LaLa brought our first granddaughter into the world-----Sydney Alyse Cauper!!!

They have a son, Alec Michael - born June 21, 2001!

They now have a new daughter - Emily - born Dec 24, 2003.
He lives life to the fullest, enjoying every minute 100%. I love him dearly!