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This is my 10th year for this website which has been a big hit with my teachers, students and their parents. This is my first year at Campbell Elementary as Principal , embellishing every day, hour , and minute. I graduated December 18, 2005 with my EdD from Youngstown State University. In 2000 I passed my National Boards to become a National Board Certified Teacher.
Before Campbell , I was Director Of Technology for Maplewood School District, before Maplewood I taught Social Studies at Lakeview High School, before that at Youngstown City Schools, my last assignment being The Rayen HS. I have my BSED, MSEd, EdD,Principal and Superintendent certificates from Youngstown State University. I am a certified instructor for Pathwise I for the State of Ohio and am an adjunct professor for Kent State University on Classroom Technology and Integration
My philosophy of teaching is simple: If students fail, we fail. Therefore, if my students are not learning from my teaching, then I must change my teaching to how they learn.

Baron   Von   Drake

Baron Von Drake, aka Da Bear, was a 10 year old German Shorthair Pointer who died of cancer before Christmas 2005. He loved to run and spot birds, especially quail and other game birds. He had 7 acres of land to run and play. he lives with two cats, Shana and Chessie, who love him dearly, and Star, a female BlackLab/Rottweiler. He loves the snow and likes to chase shadows and butterflys.

Star -----The newest member of our family!

Star is an adopted 9 year old spayed black lad/rottweiller mix female who is a most gentle dog. Baron and her had great times together, romping and playing over our 7 acres of property. The cats are still adjusting to her, they are not too sure of her yet. She wants to play with them all the time, they wonder about that!