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Robert Walls, Director of Technology
Maplewood School District
2114 Greenville Rd. NE
Cortland, Oh 44410
United States

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Maplewood Alumni Page

Attention Alumni....This is your webpage....Tell me what you want on it and how you want it setup. I will list names, email addresses, year of graduation and any Reunion information supplied. Anything else....let me know!

Maplewood Alumni Information

Chloe Brant Williams, '59

Kathy(Hoffman) Ransom, '62 Wanda (Shafer) Tolley, '62 Pat (MacKendrick)(Hoover)Alden, '62

Mike Maar, '63

Dennis Switzer, '64 Stephanie (Smock) Bliss, '64 Dean Bliss, '64 Jerry (Davis) Mentzer, '64

Betty (MacKendrick) Smith, '65 Donald Smith, '65 Jack Ziegler, '65 Charles N. Gaylog, '65 Chuck Dabney, '65 Sandra Porter, '65 Fred Davis, '65 Bobby Bailey, '65 Candy Varner, '65 Larry Longberry, '65 Georgiana (Brown) Longberry, '65 Linda (Hoover) Snyder, '65 Alice Cullinan, '65 Roger Shively, '65 Sue Morrison, '65 Judy (Evans) Jarvis, '65 Jerry Tribby, '65 Christine (Johansen) Morehouse, '65 Butch Gross, '65 Jim Tomlinson, '65 Jim Finch, '65 Bonnie L. (Stephens) Wilson-Schulte, '65 Roy Gregory, '65 Roger Larrison, '65Jan Longberry, '65 Gordon Bailey, '65 Carolyn Morey Mike Marr, '65 Jerry Mae Davis, '65 Harley Siefert, '65 Lyda Kowalski, '65 Kathy Hipkins Logan, '65 Helen Prucey Navarro, '65 Carol Cole McClellan, '65 Mike Sizemore, '65

Fred McCrimmon, '66 Larry Plant, '66

Corlene (Sexton) Ziegler, '67 Tawna (Varner) Brown, '67 Michelle (Gregory) McCartney, '67 Donna (Ross) Stevens, '67Phyllis Varner, '67

John Conley, '68 Sandra Beckley, '68

Sheila (Sexton) Persino, '69 Darlene (Stump) Carriselli, '69 Charlene (Stump) Butcher, '69 Marshe (Stokes) Baldwin, '69 Nancy (Muir) Letcher, '69

Craig Grubb, '72

Debbi (Scott) Stowe, '73 Dan Shaffer, '73

Lynda Barto, '74 Barb (Buran) Marsteller, '74

Holly Grubb, '77

Keeley Barto, '78

Eric C. Lytle, '86

Debbie (Wroblesky) Easton, '87 Danice (Jaster) Armstrong, '87

Lisa(Culver)Burkey, '89

Jon Fobes, '90

Jennifer (Viets) Harris, '92


Class of 1987.....Interested in a 15 year reunion? Contact by email...Deb (Wroblesky) Easton, '87
Some '87 pics courtesy of Deb HERE!

Class of '94 Reunion Summer 2004- Attention graduates of MHS Class of 1994....The wheels are set in motion for next years 10 year class reunion!! The venue is booked and the Reunion Committee will be contacting you (or at least attempting to) shortly. Please visit YOUR class website at to see what's going on. Here you can submit your current address, phone, e-mail, etc. to the database to insure that the Reunion Committee can mail the invitation to the proper address. The address list we're working off of is over 11 years old, so there's a good possibility that we may not have your information correct. Also on this site are class pictures from the yearbook with current information on all classmates who have contacted us so far. Please check it out!!!!! (As of 09/08/03 by ECW)

Class of '65 would like to start an Alumni Newsletter...interested? Contact Jerry Mae Davis, Class of '65 Publicity Chairperson, Jerry Mae Davis