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Arriving at Port of Kusadasi

Kusadasi - A seaside resort of about 40,000 people. The town took its name from the small island joined to the mainland by a causeway - Guvercin Adsai, Bird or Pigeon island. The fortress of this island was the 15th century stronghold of the Barbarossa Brothers, the famous and feared pirates of the Mediterranean.
Some 17 km northwest of Kusadasi lies the impressive ruins of EPHESUS. This famous city was founded in 1087 colonists who came from Greece, under Androclos, son of Codros, King of Athens. The famous philosopher Heraclitus was born here.

Me trying to make a deal for a vest with Turkish vendor

Turkish Street Bazaar ->Anything and everything!

Leaving Kusadasi->The Agean I

Group in Ship's pool, enjoying the sun