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Getting Ready to Leave for Pittsburgh Airport

We are packing up our limos for the trip to the Pittsburgh Airport to catch our flight to Newark, then on to JFK by bus, then get on an Olympic Airways 747 for the flight to Athens(91/2 hours!)

Parents/Friends Saying Goodbye

Mr. Boles and Ray Ulrich enjoying limo ride to airport!

They ate all the donuts, potato chips, drank all the pop and took up all the limo space for themselves!

Miss Rice, Miss Bucko, Shannon & Mary patiently waiting at JFK to get on plane

We were supposed to get on our Olympic Airways flight at 6 pm, then they changed it to 7pm, then we had to wait on the runway for two hours because we were number 55 for takeoff! Talk about Greek efficiency!

Erin & Joe sleeping on 9 1/2 hour flight to Athens from JFK

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