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"In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself."

Federalist No. 51, Madison

The fear of direct democracy persists today, as can be seen from the statements of those who do not like what the voters have decided.

ALL PoliticsMajor Contemporary Politics
Almanac of American PoliticsPolitical Profiles of Members of Congress & Governors
American Bar Association
American Civil Liberties Union
America VoteThe National Town Hall
Amnesty International Human Rights Violations for each country
Anatomy of a MurderA Trip Through Our Nation's Legal System
Are You a Liberal or Conservative?Take the Test!
Avalon ProjectYale University Site
Biographical Information on US CongressBio info on EVERY member of Congress from 1774 to now
Budget of the United States
Capital Lessons History & Tour of Capital
Center for Civic Education
Central Europe OnlineCovers current issues, politics, culture, etc.
Census Finder
Citizenship Activities for K-6
Clerk of the U.S. House106th Congress Member info here!
Common Conservative magazineThe Right Side of Politics
CongressLinkEverything you wanted to know about Congress!
Congressional Forum
Congressional Quarterly's Vote Watcher
Congressional Record
Conservative PoliticsClaremont University site
Constitution FunderOther Countries Constitutions
Constitution of the United States
Constitutional Backgrounder Everything about government
Continuity & Change in U.S.
Conservative News Service
Conservative Online Robert Yoho
Conservative PoliticsThe Right Point of View
Core Documents of US Democracy
Country Intelligence Report Broad range of info on world Hot Spots
Criminal Justice Stats
CyberLawLaw Search Engine
CyberLaw LessonsJohn Marshall Law School
Debt DistortionsMotivating, High Interest Activity!
Democratic Party

Discovering Democracy Australian Site
Drudge ReportInsider Washington Report
EBlast New Directory for EB
Electoral College Resource
Electronic United Nations!United Nations Simulation for classrooms!
Encyclopedia OnlineFREE! Over 17,000 articles!
Ethics in Law Yeah, right.
European Governments Online SUPER Site!
FAIRFairness & Accuracy in Reporting
FBI Home Page
FedBuzzGovernment info
Federal Courts Online
Federal Statistics
The FedWorld FTP SiteDownload over 10,000 Data Files
Fifty State Watchdog Keep an eye on your state legislators!
Fight Government Waste!
Financial DisclosureFinances of US Congresspeople
First Ladies ResourceGreat Site!
Foreign Policy History
Freedom Forum
Freedom of Information Act
Geographic Encyclopedia
GOP Online
Government for Kids
Government Lesson PlansK-12
Government Printing Office
Government SearchSearch for Government sites
Green Parties
Gun Debate: 2nd Amendment
Gutenberg's List of Political WritingsOriginal texts of over 30 documents!
Historical Congressional Documents
Homework HeavenOver 11,000 Articles!
Human Rights Worldwide: Video
Infomine: Government Information
International Political AddressesAddresses for ANY party in world!
Internet Law Library
Jefferson ProjectSuperb Site!
Juristic ParkJudicial System in Depth
Kennedy TapesSpeeches, etc of JFK
Law CenterTremedous Site!
Ladies of the House & Senate
Law Journal Extra
Law LibraryExtensive Site
Law LibraryChase College of Law Library
Law MarksUniversity of Missouri Online Law Library
Law Sites-Top
Legal Encyclopedia
Legal Information InstituteCornell University Site
Legi-SlateTimely Reports on Federal Legislation
Lesson Plans for Law27 Lesson Plans
Libertarian Web
MammaMother of all search engines!
National Archives & Records Administration
National Security OrganizationGovernment Clearinghouse for National Security Info
Newspapers from around the WORLDLinks to hundreds of newspapers.
Ohio General Assembly Online
Online Web Resource PageOver 37,000 Links!
Police Officer's Internet Directory
Political AccessCalifornia Site
Political Babble R UsFrom Rush to Imus
Political Graveyard:Historic CemetariesDead Polticians in US
Political Parties Around the World
Project Vote SmartInformation on every US Senator & Congressperson
Public Affairs Web(PAW)Excellent site for support materials for teaching US government!
Pure PoliticsGood info site
Republican National Committee
Research PaperHow to...
Right Side of the WebIncluding links to Rush
Rock The Vote!Great Student Site
Roll Call OnlineHottest Congressional News!
Searching Uncle Sam Google Site
SIRS Online
Social SecurityLesson Kit for teachers
Southern Poverty Law center
Star Spangled Showcase American Flag History
StudyWebNice Research site
Supreme Court CasesCornell University Site
Supreme CourtTake a vitual tour of Court!
Tax History
Tax WebEverything you wanted to know about taxes
The New RepublicGreat Magazine
The Whitehouse
THINK: Opinions, Ideas & Commentary
Turn LeftLiberal Viewpoint
United Nations Pathfinder All things UN
U. S. Capital Official Homepage of Capital Building
U.S. Census Data1790 - 1860
U. S. CodeALL Laws passed by Congress
US Data Factfinder US Demographic & Economic data

U.S. Government Resources
U.S. Historical Documents
US Patent OfficeLook up all patents ever issued!!
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
U.S. State DepartmentCommercial Guides for every country in world!
Watergate History
We Hold These Truths...To be Self Evident..Excellent simulation site on Principles of Democracy!
White House ProjectChanging Politics, etc.
Women's ConnectionOver 2500 links!
World Bank Info