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Africa & Middle East Resources
African ResourcesUniversity of Pennsylvania Site
AfricaAward Winning Site!!!
Africa->K-12 Resources
AfricaOnline Newsstand
African Studies Page
Age of King Charles VUniversity of Paris Site
Alamkara:5,000 Years of Indian Art
Amazon Adventure
Ancient City of Athens
Ancient Egypt
Ancient HistoryUniversity of Virginia Site
Ancient Greek History
Anicient MedicineAncient Greek cures
Ancient Papyrus ArchiveDuke University Site
Ancient Near East
Ancient Sites
Ancient Roman Dishes!Yummy!
Ancient World Wisdon
Ancient World Cultures
Ancient World WebUniversity of Virginia Site
Anatasia:Grand Duchess of Russia
Anglo-Saxon England
Art From AntiquityPrinceton University Site
Asian Arts
Asia Online
Atomic Archives
Biblical Images
Bosnia LINK
BrazilEverything you want to know about Brazil
Brief History of India
Britannica Web Guide
Byzantine and Medieval History
Cambodian History
Canadian History Encyclopedia
Central Europe Online
China->Ancient History
China, the Beautiful!
China:HistoryAlso Hong Knog, Taiwan, etc.
China Inside China Today
China Netdigest
Chinese EmpiresThe Heritage of Genghis Khan
Chinese History
Chinese HistoryNanjing Massacre
Chinese Internet DirectoryCulture
Chronology of Romantic Period
Country Studies Countries of the World handbooks
Creating French Culture
Creative ImpulseAn Artist View of World History->2300 links!
Crossroads of ContinentsThe Artic
Cuba!!!Award Winning Site!!
Cultures of the Andes
Dead Sea Scrolls
Demographic Data->Countries of the World
Distinguished Women of Past & Present
Early Christian Church Documents
Early World Explorations

Encyclopedia Smithsonian
EnglandThe Mary Rose Maritime Museum
EnglandNumber 10 Downing Street
EnglandThe Prime Ministers
EnglandBritish Government on Web
European Home PageEvery Country in Europe is Here!
18th Century ResourcesUniversity of Penn Site
Egypt Page
Embassy OnlineEvery Embassy in Washington DC
Encyclopedia OnlineFREE!! Over 17,000 articles
European Voyages of Exploration
European Governments Online Chock FULL of info!
Exploring the World Take a trip anywhere
French Revolution
Galileo Galilei
Gateway to World History
Georgetown University Medieval Studies
Global Atlas
Global Conflicts: Ethnic Rivalries
Global Statistics
Global Weather Reports
Great Wall Tour
GuamHistoric Sites
Historical Atlas of Europe & Middle East
Historical Atlases
Historical Costumes
Historical Timeline
Historical Women
History of Japan
History of Medicine
History of Money
History of Palestine
History of Printing
Homework HeavenOver 11,000 articles!
HORUS:Historical Times & Places
Human Language Resource 1800 different languages
HyperHistoryMaps, People, Cultures, etc.
Industrial Workers in 19th Century England
Iran/Persia History
Irish famineEmory University Site
IslamStanford University Site
IsraelThe Knesset
Japanesque!All about Japan
JapanColors in the Wind
JapanCulture 1 Site
JapanCulture 2 Site
JapanFamous Japanese
JapanKids Web
JapanSumo Images
Japan Journey
Kings & Queens of Europe
Land of Genghis khan
Latin America StudiesUniversity of Texas Site
Leonardo da Vinci Museum
MammaMother of ALL search engines
Medieval/Renaissance FoodYummy!
Medieval SourcebookFordham University Site
Medieval StudiesUCLA Site
Medieval & Classical LibraryBerkeley University Site
Monies of the World
Museums OnlineThe World's Greatest Museums!
Museums, WWW Arts resources
Myths & Legends of the World
Napoleon SeriesGreat Site!
National Anthems of the World
Native American Art, Culture & Education
NicaraguaAward Winning Site!!!

Nuremberg Trials
Online Resource Page

Origins of Mankind
Excerpts from 1832-35 Editions
Perseus Art & ArchaeologyTufts University site
Perseus Project Tufts University site
Philippine History
Prehistoric Art
Primary Historical DocumentsWestern Europe->BYU Site
The Protestant Reformation
Remembering NagasakiGreat Photos
Resource Book for Medieval Studies
Rome Reborn
Roman Art & Archaeology
Roman LAwTwelve tables & Code of Hammurabi
Rome Project
Roman Emperors Online
Romanov Timeline
Russia Today Online
Secrets of the Norman Invasion
Russian HistoryBucknell University
Serfs Up In The Middle Ages
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
SIRS Online
Tale of the Airplane
Thailand Home Page
The British MonarchyOffical Web Site of the Queen
The Forvm RomanvmThe Roman Empire
The History NetWorld History
The Louvre Museum
The Mayan Hieroglyphics
The Renaissance

The Victorian WebBrown University Site
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Treasures of the Tsars
US State DepartmentCommercial Guides for Other Countries
Vatican WebSiteThe Pope is here!
Victorian Era
Western European StudiesPitt University Site
Web Museum of Latin America
Women in World History
World of Anthropology
World Ethnic Site
World's Greatest Speeches
World History Archives
World History Compass
World History ChartHyperHistory Online
World History to 1500
World History LinksOver 200!
World History
World History Resources
World History Resource IIWOW! What a site!
World History Site1492 Exhibit
World History 4.5 billion year history!
World History Text ArchivesMississippi State Site
World HistoryEvansville University site
World History: A Thousand Years Christian Science Monitor Site-EXCELLENT!
World War IChronology of Major Events
World War II Archive of Events
World Wide Links!

Alexander the Great's Travels and Conquests