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ADD Place
ADD Site
All Kinds Of Minds
American Association for Gifted Children
American Council for the Blind
ARC: A National Organization on Mental retardation
Autism Resources
Children/Adults with ADD
Cognitive & Developmental Disabilities
Communication Disorders
Contact List of Disability Resources on Net
Crafts Online
Deaf World Web
Digital Education Network
Disability Information Online
DO-IT! Empowerment is the word!
Down Syndrome Page
Dyslexia Resources on the Net
Education World of Resources
Facts for Families
Gifted Education Comprehensive Site!
GT World
IDEAEverything you want to know about IDEA
IDEA: The Law
Internet Resources for Special Children
Just Because We're DisabledDoesn't Mean We Byte!
LD Online
Learning DisabilitiesUniversity of Virginia link
National Association for Gifted Children
New Horizons Inclusion Site
NIMH on Learning DisabilitiesGopher site
Odyssey of the Mind
Ohio Federation Council for Exceptional Chidren
Our KidsMIT link for Special Kids
Outside the Box Special Story by Mother
Parents Helping Parents
PERC Learning Difference Resources by Subj
Raising Kids with Special Needs
Researching Companies Online

Schwab Foundation for Learning Special Education Resource link

Special Education Links for Teachers & Parents
Special Education Resources on the Net
Special Needs Education Network
Teaching Exceptional Children
The Son-Rise ProgramFor families with Special Needs Children
The Stuttering Homepage
Visually Handicaped Resources
World Friends, Resources, and Disabilities