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Chessie    -    Moving    Furball!

Chessie - our 1 year old cat who knows no boundaries in life! She lives with another cat, Shena, and a dog, Da Bear, who she thinks is another, albeit, larger, cat. To her life is nothing more than a ball wrapped in fun and adventure. We got her out of a backseat of a car when we were buying flowers for our yard. A woman had several in her car and as soon as I saw those big eyes of hers, it was all over! She had to be ours!

Shena   -   Queen   of   the   Jungle

Shena - to her, she is a cheetah, a hunter who shows no mercy to anyone, unless she wants to petted or fed. But only on her terms! She is called the Lotto cat by our friend Jane because I found her at a gas station where she had been thrown out of a vehicle two years ago. She was soooo small and sooo beautiful! Love has struck again! She was raised by our boxer, Porter, and our other cat, Tabby, both who died within a year of each other and now play together everyday in the cosmos. They are missed so dearly! Their deaths were a big blow to Shena and it took her awhile to adjust to Da Bear and Chessie, but she did.