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Here we have Jason, Julian and the sleeping angel.....Dylan!!!

The   Youngest   Son

Jason, my youngest son, presently lives in Seattle, Washington, serving with the US Army at Ft. Hood, with his two sons, Julian and Dylan. In 2001 he is to be transferred to Ft.Leavenworth, Kansas. His goal is to eventually find a job, like his brother Eric, in federal law enforcement after his Army life. He is that special son who is still very special and will always remain so...

Andy - A True Mensch

Andy, a real salt of the earth person, who is presently in Nursing School in Cincinnati and lives in a duplex, renting out the other side to make his house payment. He used to be a Banker! Plus my son David has had an influence on him. I call him my "adopted son" because if I ever adopted a son, he would have to be as every bit as great as Andy, the prototype adopted son. He is single at present but is happy with his life's direction. In life that is all you can ask for - to be happy with what you have.